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5 Reasons to Love Pre-loved Fashion

We’ve all been in a similar situation; your favourite pair of jeans are now too tight for you but you just can’t let go. Or, you’ve worn this stunning statement dress for an occasion but you’ll never be able to wear it again because your photos are all over social media!

Instead of letting these clothes just lie for years on end in your wardrobe, consider giving them a second life and letting someone else enjoy them as you once did?

Owing to our overflowing wardrobes, another common situation I’ve heard many find themselves in is that of frenzy filled decluttering. We have a sudden urge to get rid of everything and begin to trash even wearable  clothes mindlessly.

The reality is that about 85% of all clothing that gets thrown away sits in landfills, whereas 95% of these items are completely recyclable.

The Importance Of Pre-Loved Clothing

Here are a 5 good reasons you should support the recycling and redistribution of second-hand clothing.

1| Save precious closet space.

A UK based study shared that women wear only 30% of their wardrobes. 70% of clothing is wasted, never used until the day it gets discarded. A direct result of impulse buying and fast fashion.

2| Save our natural resources.

There are humungous environmental & human health hazards caused damages caused by textile industry’s malpractices. This damage includes but is not limited to, natural resource wastage, pollution of waterbodies, soil and air and green house gas emissions!

3| Save valuable real estate.

Daily in Hong Kong alone, 253 tonnes of fabric are sent to the landfill! 4% of global landfills are filled with textile waste. 95% of these are fit for recycling. We have the potential to reduce the world’s textile waste down to 5%, putting these landfills to more effective use!

4| Save human efforts and dignity.

Sweatshop conditions and hazardous working environments are often in violation of human rights. Take the Rana Plaza factory collapse as an example – these are examples of over consumerism caused by fast-fashion. We can break the viscous cycle.

5| Save money.

Pre-loved, second-hand clothing is also usually more wallet friendly. And as we’ve showcased these items are under-utilised so are in great condition. Why waste resources and money when we have a more valuable alternate?

By investing ourselves in concepts such as pre-loved clothing, we can slowly begin to reclaim the Earth from industrial damages and work towards an ultimately sustainable future.



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