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Muriel is Creating Positive Fashion with Innovative materials

In conversation with Muriel, the founder of Vega life Shop

Why you did start Vega-Life?

Well the founder of Vega-life, founded Vega life 20 years ago.  When I found out about it 10 years ago, I said there must be a shop. So then 9 years ago we started the shop. So I founded the shop and the founder of vega-life started the whole line.

Would you like to share about Vega-life wear & this shop with us?

I think it’s very important to show people that there is a possibility, if you don’t want to eat meat that you don’t have to buy leather shoes or cheap plastic fake shoes.

We have a lot of shoes that are from man-made materials that are very durable. more and more recycled materials from plant base materials which are also man-made materials.

For a lot people it’s an big eye opener, I think it’s important that we show it of more and more possibilities. I am proud of vegan life because even people from Berlin and New York are here and they never saw so many nice shoes and Amsterdam is not so big. The vegan society is also growing in here.  We just moved to this address where we have more space to buy and sell more different kinds of shoes and other products.

Do you feel that vegan products are more sustainable? Than normal fashion products?

Of course because we don’t just buy fake leather plastic. We buy only the brands that are vegan with an idea to make as good as possible so it’s always durable. Like leather because the meat industry is very bad for the environment.  So if you don’t support the meat industry the animal industry that’s very it’s a very good start. But then it’s not plastic. It’s not cheap plastic so it’s very durable. It’s made to be as durable as possible.

So I’m sure all the brands that we work with so all the brands the vegan brands are really sustainable. And all the clothing that we do are only organic and fair wear trade. So always sustainable.

 Is there an advice you like to give to tell the people when it comes to shopping?

I think it’s very important that you realize that everything you buy is an investment in something. So you should with everything you buy, you should realize what are you supporting with this.

Even if it’s 1 euro or 1000 euro. You always realize where this money is going to and what do they do with the money. So we for example, we buy man-made materials and that’s not perfect of course. Because it’s all oil based but it’s an investment in a plant based and sustainable future.

So with every shoe that we sell, every shoe that you buy. It’s an investment in a plant based and only recyclable materials in the future. So I think that’s the most important thing to know with everything that you buy it’s an investment.


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