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Shop Environmentally Friendly

“Every dollar we spend is a vote what we want to see in the world” Anna Lappe.

Let’s face it. We love traditional retail therapy. So let’s not eliminate it from our lives and make use of the power we have to change the world. Your shopping choices have the power to change the fact that fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world. Shop, but responsibly!

1. Buy Upcycled or re-purposed. Reusing existing resources is in!

A lot of natural resources and human efforts are put into creating fashion articles that we don’t use for very long. Conscious individuals and designers such as Bottletop have taken matters into their own hands to create beautiful fashion items out of discarded resources.

TIP: Anyone can repurpose. It can fulfil a functional need as opposed to a fashion one. For example, your old cotton tees can become pillow stuffing.

LEARN MORE: Learn about what Upcycling really means: The Concept of Upcycling: “Repair, Remake, Reimagine”

2. Is your purchase really eco-friendly? Check its certification.

Retail therapy can be clubbed with planet therapy too! Buy the more responsible alternative. Make sure you know where, how, who and what is your product is made of. Certifications help us as consumers to make sustainable choices.

TIP:Check the label before you buy any fashion item. If it isn’t sustainable as a consumer you can put pressure on brands to be more responsible. Your voice is the most important one – use it.

LEARN MORE:We have compiled an article on sustainable certifications and standards just for you:An Overview of Common Sustainable Garment Certifications and Standards.

3. How many tones of greenhouse gas did you just purchase? How far did your garment travel to get to you?

Globally, 90% of garments are transported by ship every year. These ships burn low grade fuel at a rate of tons by the hour and pollute the environment 1000 times more than diesel used in trucks. Shopping for local products not only reduces these greenhouse gases, but also supports local artisans and artists who are losing their significance due to fast fashion.

LEARN MORE: Check out this article to find out the true cost in getting your clothes to a store near you: Fashion on a Toxic Trip: Just how far do your clothes travel to reach you ?


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