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8000 Chemicals are used in Textile production

Over 8000 types of Chemicals are found

From the planting of raw material to the washing of our clothes, there are chemical being used and release in the process! Some of which causes terrible consequences to the environment, our health, well-being and destruction to the animal biodiversity.

Category of Fibre

There are 3 Types of Fibre:

  • Natural

  • Animal

  • Synthetic

Did you know: Animal and Synthetic Fibre production uses alot of chemicals!

Fibre to Yarn

Chemicals based spinning additives are added to strengthen and make the Fibres consistent! To minimize friction and breaking when being spun into Yarn.

Fabric Pre-treatment

Chemicals are added to Purify the fabric to get them easily dye into clothes colors. Some of the Chemicals used range from Detergent, De-sizing chemicals, Bleaches, Mercerizing chemicals, Acids for carbonizing fibres,Scouring chemicals.

Dyeing and Printing

Fixation and Washing chemicals help the colors stick. Did you know: Dyes take 46 years to biodegrade!

Finishing Treatment

20 – 30 chemicals are used in the process to make the clothes look good in stores. Chemicals raging from Disinfecting, Softening, Stiffening, are used to add to the finishing touches.

Garment Production & Shipping

During shipping, Biocides are used protect clothes and fabrics from Mold. Toxic fumes are produced during garment cutting.

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