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Share your fashion items- UBER style

Why buy when you can Borrow, Rent & Exchange (just don’t steal or beg). The uberization of fashion is here to stay! We can share our wardrobes with the world through many many ways! It’s cheap, cheerful and moreover UBER chic! Read more to join the cool kids club and discover fashion’s best kept secret.

1. Rent out your clothes or rent from others’ wardrobes.

Sharing is caring. We don’t really wear our whole wardrobe at once. Just like we borrow clothes from friends, we can now rent clothes. World over people are renting clothes.Instead of having your occasional fashion items waiting in the wardrobe share it by lending it to a friend in need.

TIP: This is useful for items that we use rarely such as ski boots or ball gowns!

LEARN MORE: Rent the Runway was one of the first known brands to start a rental trend. Check them out!

2. Keep your wardrobe lean and wallet fat. Sell to cash in your old clothes.

There are many channels to sell your fashion items that are in great condition. From the e-commerce giants like Amazon to fashion stalwarts like ASOS, pre-loved is in!

TIP: Selling your fashion items gets you flushed in cash but more importantly reduces the wasteful production of new fast fashion items.

LEARN MORE: Learn why the fast fashion industry is detrimental to our planet: An Overview of Fast Fashion – Definition, Consequences & Solutions.

3. Re-love the preloved. Shop secondhand.

Given that the fast fashion industry has 52 micro-seasons a year, shopping secondhand isn’t really ‘old fashion’. Most often it’s what was in season just last week! So, instead of getting that new top, you might want to consider getting a similar pre-loved one!

TIP: Shopping secondhand takes fewer natural resources to produce and is less hurtful to the wallet too.

LEARN MORE: Check out this article to learn why supporting secondhand is an important solution to the making the fashion industry more sustainable: 5 Facts About Textile Recycling.

4. Why shop when you can swap?

We only use 20% -30% of our wardrobe! The remaining are in fantastic condition for a ‘special occasion’ that never seems to come! Why not keep our wardrobes lean and constantly fresh by swapping with other people? It also helps keep our expenses lean and savings fat.

TIP: Swapping is the cheapest way of being sustainable and having a constantly fresh wardrobe.

LEARN MORE: Learn more about second hand and how swapping is an important solution to making fashion more sustainable: What is Pre-loved, Second-Hand Clothing and Why is it Important ?.


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