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Sustainable Fashion Movements

‘Become the change you want to see’ – Mahatma Gandhi. Many passionate advocates have started small and stepped up to influence the way the world views fashion. Participate or volunteer to become an influencer and walk the talk!

1. The textile revolution is here! Global movements are making us rethink our choices.

According to Alice Walker, “The greatest way we give up our power is thinking that we don’t have any.” We agree and believe that the time has come for us to be part of a greater cause. There are increase in Global movements like Fashion Revolution that are creating awareness on issues that were previously hidden deep within multi-tiered fashion supply chains!

TIP: It’s now or never – we have greater power than we ever imagine. Be a part of the solution!

LEARN MORE: Here is one interesting initiative that’s easy for us to participate in: 30 Wears Challenge : Getting Maximum Mileage from our Clothes.

2. Sustainable stamps of approval. Certifications that help us discern the good from the bad.

There are more and more accolades and certifications out there to recognise the amazing lengths that brands take to ensure that their fashion supply chains are sustainable.

TIP: When you buy anything look at it’s label to see what whether it was produced responsibly. If there isn’t a label, demand that the brand gives you this information. Such small acts can help force brands to be more sustainable!

LEARN MORE: Here’s an article to help guide your next decision: An Overview of Common Sustainable Garment Certifications and Standards.

3. Bodies that accolade and award brands for their sustainable efforts.

Great things deserve to be recognised. There are increasing amounts of Awards and Accolades that are recognising the efforts of sustainable brands. These are not only awarded by institutions, governments and NGOs but increasingly fashion brands like H&M are beginning to support sustainable fashion through their own awards.

TIP: If you’re a sustainable fashion designer or brand, watch out for these awards to get inspired or nominate yourself!

LEARN MORE: Read about award worthy textile innovations: New Sustainable Textile Innovations

4. Influencers and bloggers who walk the sustainable talk.

We’re not the only ones that believes that fashion deserves to be sustainable! Famous celebrities like Emma Watson and other influencers are now spreading awareness on fashion sustainability and also walking the talk. Every voice ad action has the power to make change. You don’t have to be a celebrity to influence others.

TIP: If you want to use Fabric of the World as a platform to influence the world on fashion sustainability, write to us!

LEARN MORE: Check out our fashion influencer’s interviews here.

5. Events that connect conscious brands and consumers.

Be part of a greater community by meeting people who are in the frontiers of making change! Join in events like conscious festivals or sustainable fashion marketplaces to connect with sustainable brands!

TIP: The most important step after awareness is taking action! It is as simple as changing your purchasing habits or supporting a sustainable brand!

LEARN MORE: A Fabric of the World, we have upcoming series of workshops and events to be part of! Write to us to learn more.


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