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Textile Industry statistics you should know!

World Population

Clothing is one of humanities basic human needs, making the textile industry one of the most important in terms of its impact to the environment, global societies and economies.The amount of Fashion article produced have increased significantly over the decades.

Economic Statistics

1. World’s fashion wear industry is worth $1209 Billion.

2. Global spend on textiles and garments today amounts to $3.1 Trillion

3.USA households spend about $2,000 on garments every year.

4.The average spend on fashion in Europe’s largest markets amounted to $782.

5. China and India are the leading producers and exporters of textiles.

E-Commerce Fashion Statistics

1. Fashion has reached in the global e-Commerce market in 2016.2. Global spend on textiles and garments today amounts to $3.1 Trillion

2. 83% of the global e-Commerce fashion market is from China, Europe and USA

3. Largest online fashion markets in 2016

Labour and Work Statistics

1. Most of these workers in the textile industry are informal labour without contracts, benefits or fixed schedules.

2. 75% of all garment workers worldwide are Women.

3. More than 1 million of people are forced to harvest cotton,during the cotton harvesting season in Uzbekistan. Mostly are under 18.

4. Garment workers works 10-16 hours a day on average 6 days a week.

5. Most of the growth are coming from South Asia and South East Asia.

A lot of the factory buildings have been deemed to be quite unsafe to work in.

6. Workers are punished by the management (including through physical violence).

Wage comparison statistics

The CEO of fashion outlet H&M raked in a bonus = about $99,202.

A store manager at H&M = about $62,000 per year.

The lowest retail position at H&M = $9 per hour.

Garment factory workers in Thailand = $9 per day or $234 per month.

A cotton picker in India = $2 per day.

In countries like Uzbekistan, some workers get nothing on account of forced labour conditions =$0

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