The textile & fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter in the world after oil.

Its malpractices harm our environment and global communities.

Fashion or our environment? Yes, it's really come down to that choice.


We're a bunch of people who believes that we can together rescue the withering Fabric of Our World.

The first step to change is awareness, and that's just what this platform intends to do. 

The fashion supply chain is complex!

We've broken it down into 5 stages for ease of learning  

Here's 6 (out of a million) ways in which fast fashion is harming our communities and environment

Garment Worker Abuse

75% of garment workers are women who work 78-96 hours a week. 91% these workers are punished with physical abuse. What's worse?Over 100 million children work in the industry!

Health Hazards for All Mankind

The garment industry is known to cause respiratory and skin diseases owing to the unregulated chemicals and pollutants used in the fashion industry.


Flora & Fauna Degradation

Marine life, animals and plants are destroyed and killed due to the malpractices of the fashion industry. 


Land Pollution

From poor practices in cotton farming to piling up land fills that exude green house gases, the fashion industry is causing immense land pollution!


Water Pollution

From unsustainable dyeing to water wasting practices that destroy rivers and marine life to a washing loads draining micro-plastics into wastewater, our water sources are depleting!


Air Pollution

A single garment travels 32,000 km to get to it's final consumer. Can you even imagine the air pollution caused by the ensemble you're wearing?


Let's work together to repair the

fabric of our world

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Why supporting local fashion

can change the world.


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